Cow and a Pig - Skunkhour

After leaving the fairly hot and busy atmosphere of Weipa we made our way South to Merluna Station. Sometimes you have a little win when you pick a place on the map you don't know much about and when you rock up it is a complete gem. Merluna Station was one of these. We decided this would be our home for the next 2 nights.
Coming through the station gate you are welcomed by friendly staff, a shady, grassed camping area and a swimming pool! Not a hard place to be.
Come dinner time the communal kitchen was very social with people sharing stories of travel, camp recipes and comparing camp chairs. With the lovely company of Richard and Sue, the hours ticked by and next thing it was after 11pm and way past our usual camping bedtime.
The night stars were amazing and the evening temperature much cooler, we even got the sleeping bags back out.
We awoke to the sun beaming into the tent creating a sauna like atmosphere. The day was spent between the pages of our books and the swimming pool. Bryce spent some time adjusting the hand brake as it had stopped working quite a long time ago. A very relaxing day.
ED turned up mid afternoon and we made our booking for dinner at the station. Roast pork and beef followed by pavlova and fruit salad. We went to bed feeling very content.