Day Tripper - The Beatles

We left Weipa with intentions of staying at the mouth of the Pennefather River. Upon finding out this was going to cost us $40 a night by the time we had all the required permits, we decided to take a day trip and return to the grassy caravan park for the night.
Heading north through the Rio mining lease area and being sure to give way to all the rather large mining equipment we made our way 86 km north to Mapoon. Mapoon is a small aboriginal community with limited services for visitors. Its quite a nice and tidy area with houses scattered along the shores of Port Musgrave. Lunch (wraps again) was had at the hot and sandy but nice Cullen Bay. There were a number of people camped out here that looked like they were going to be there for months. After a look around we made our way back south and out to the west coast to the Pennefather River.
After some time walking up the stinking hot beach in search of a more suitable replacement plugger strap, we returned to the car quite happy with our find. There was a lot of very soft and hot sand here so we decided that heading back to town was cheaper and nicer.
The roads up here are all in excellent condition and the return trip to town had us back in time for happy hour at the Weipa Bowls Club. After a few cold ales we returned to the park to find we were camped next to fellow Tasmanians, friends of the Denny's. It really is a small world.