Red Money - David Bowie

The short cut through Batavia Downs proved to be a good shortcut and we made it into Weipa early afternoon.
On the way into town we were able to confirm that there are crocodiles on Cape York with a siting of Bauxite Bill, a reasonably large male who hangs out in the Port.
We had the luxury of setting up the tent on grass under the shade of the mango and gum trees at the Weipa Caravan Park. From here we ventured on the Weipa Town and Mine tour. The involved a 2.5 hour bus ride with the rather humorous Gary. Weipa is a Bauxite mining town owned and controlled by Rio Tinto. The process of mining bauxite is quite simple, remove a bit of top soil and dig, chuck it in a truck, dump it in a train and send it to Gladstone.
For us non miners in the group we found it interesting and the size of the operation and the money coming out of the ground is quite mind boggling. Not sure that we are ready for the move to Weipa just yet though.
A sad night as the Homestead leave us tomorrow.