Captain Jack - Billy Joel

A return crossing of Cockatoo Creek was the first adventure of the day.
Next we busted a myth by meeting a helpful ranger at the Heathlands Ranger Station. He had some amazing pictures that were taken in the wet, it would be great to be able to visit up here at that time of year. All we need is a helicopter!
Jaks had a plugger blow out beyond bread tag repair but we were able to locate a lone plugger and perform a plugger transplant that should keep her going until Weipa.
The road out to Captain Billy's Landing was through some very pretty jungle and in very good nick. Lunch (wraps again) was enjoyed on the beach with a moderate breeze to keep us a bit cooler. Whilst we were enjoying lunch the Tassie stalkers turned up so we chatted to them for a while before making our way back to the main drag and further South.
We pulled into Bramwell Station mid afternoon, set the tent up between showers and settled into the bar.
Hours were spent enjoying the game of swing the stirrup onto the hook. I can see a new addition to the Tavern when we return.
Dinner and drinks with the Tassie stalkers and it was a relatively late night.