She Brakes for Rainbows - The B52's

A morning swim at the Crystal Creek Baths was a refreshing way to start the day.
Our trip out to Vriyla Point was interrupted by a number of oncoming vehicles including the Tassie stalkers. We thought a Patrol had pulled off the road to let us through only to find out that he had lost brakes on entering the corner and a tree had stopped him. After an assessment to make sure no one was hurt, the boys started work on the car.
First job was to remove the bull bar from the engine bay. This was achieved by chaining the bull bar to a tree and reversing gently. Second was to get the bonnet up to inspect the damage to the radiator. Fortunately it wasn't too bad. While looking for the cause of the accident, we found that a rear brake line had cracked through and lost all of the fluid, hence failed brakes. This was probably the hardest thing to fix but by hammering a section of this flat we managed to stop the leak. Meanwhile Brenton had stopped the radiator from leaking and set about repositioning the roof rack after it had slid forward from the impact of hitting the tree. A good two hours later the Patrol limped off on its way to Weipa for assessment, quite possibly a write-off.
The road out to Vrilya Point is quite corrugated but the views at the beach are worth a few bumps. We drove north along the Bach to the lightship wreck. The wreck has rusted considerably since we were last here and it is hardly recognisable as a ship anymore. Lunch was consumed under the shade of the she oak trees before we decided to make our way back inland.
An afternoon session at the Crystal Creek Spa saw all the brake fluid, sweat and sand washed away.
We made our way back the the main drag before heading 15km on the OTL track to Cockatoo Creek. Along this track we happened across what we thought was a cow in the middle of the track. As we got closer the cow actually changed into a very large black pig. He seemed as surprised to see us as we did him, and after a bit of a standoff he capitulated and bolted off into the bush.
We were expecting the camp to be quite busy but much to our delight there was no-one camped when we arrived. We had our pick of the sites and settled in. This would be a great spot to stop for a few days.
After dinner, some maths homework, discussions of tesselating and intermittent showers we had an early night.