Do you wanna buy an 8? - the unknown Muppet

Happy 8th Birthday Ryan! Much excitement and present opening this morning.
The binoculars from ED were put to good use with a crocodile hunt. We can neither confirm or deny the existence of crocodiles in the Cape. But it was either a logodile or a crocodile on the far point. They appear to be plausible, but not confirmed. We left the mouth of the Jardine River and turned east. On the way we took a wrong turn into some heavy sand. Brenton pulled us out again and we were underway with no problem.
On the way back to Muttee Heads we stopped at a WW2 radar site. It's old and rusted now but still worth the look.
Upon reaching the original crossing of the Jardine we agreed to use our return tickets on the ferry rather than attempt the crossing. It looks very deep and crocidilly.
We made our way 28km back down the Development Road to the Vrilya Point turnoff. We didn't make it too far in on this road before deciding to set up camp at Crystal Creek. We found a 110 Defender on its way out that bailed out as they thought the track was too rough. We found the hard part to be.... Easy. A short uphill saw us through and Dave and Brenton put their cars back down the hard bit just for the fun. The water here is very inviting and we spent the afternoon swimming, relaxing in the hammock and enjoying the mud baths at the Crystal Creek Beauty Parlor.
Birthday dinner in the Homestead for Ryans 8th and then birthday cake. Tomorrow we will venture the remaining 23km out to Vriyla. Might see if we can throw in a few more lures and have a look at the lightship.