Hamburgers -The Whitlams

Today was a day of sightseeing. A later start saw us heading off to find the plane wrecks near the airport. First of all though we needed supplies. The Seisia meat packing works was first up and we chose to have the cow that was Eugene for dinner. Fuel, bakery and supermarket stops were next.
The drive out to the airport was on the sealed stuff then a short dirt road led to the wrecks. The Beaufort has been fenced off again which is good to see. The kitty hawk has rusted away to almost a a pile of bolts. The DC3 has the most remains left and a plaque describing what happened.
We left Team Ant here as they had a room booked at the extravagant Bamaga Resort. After our goodbyes we took the road to Mutee Head. The road is in good nic and it didn't take us long to get to the beach. A bit of lunch here and EJ and Brenton headed into the mouth of the Jardine River while Dave and I guarded the spot at the beach in case the river was booked out. They reported back that it was nice out there so we moved camp. A slightly sandy, but easy track brought us out at the river. After establishing our base we set of for a walk to see the reported crocodiles. After wandering out to the sand bars and through mangroves once again the were no reptiles to be seen. After 3 trips to the Cape I am yet to see a croc. Maybe tomorrow...