And Your Bird Can Sing - The Beatles

At 6am the birds start. From a slow hooting to every avian wonder singing their hearts out only takes a few minutes. They gradually reduce to a dull roar as the sun rises.
Our plan for the day was to check out the rest of this park, head over to Python Pool and maybe camp there. While we were packing up we got to chatting to our camp neighbor. She had just been up that way and informed us that they campground was closed. Bummer.
After a quick walk around the camp to see if we could find an olive python (we didn't) we set off via the homestead.
While looking at one of the natural springs some resident galahs thought that a mass poo on us would be fun. We both got hit, me on the shirt and Jaks unfortunately in the hair. The next spring saw her having a swim to rectify that little problem.
The camp at Python Pool was shut so high tailing it to the highway was the next idea. We have been to Port Hedland before and were not keen to go again.
A 20 km track has brought us Balla Balla where we have struck camp. A nice sunset has offset the plague of ants that is trying to carry us away.
Tomorrow we head further up the coast towards Broome.