I'm Your Venus - Bananarama

Last night was a doozy. The rain came in a big way. On the drive to the pub for dinner we had water coming up over the bonnet! Big puddles in Exmouth. As we were sleeping on the veranda we experienced the weather all night. We didn't get wet but the wind and thrashing rain kept us awake most of the night. By morning things had improved. Well it had stopped raining and the wind had abated. We packed up, thanked R&R for a great time and hit the road. As we headed east on the Burkett Road we stopped to observe the transit of Venus across the sun. Very cool to see the little black dot on the photo, that is Venus. We won't see it again for another century.
After turning off the main drag we found the mining town of Panawonica. Enough said. The road out of town started off well but the rain from the previous night had left some sizeable puddles. We slipped and slided along for a couple of hours gradually turning Hillary from white to Pilbara orange.
Millstream Chichester National Park was our destination for the night and as we pulled in the rain that had been with us for the last hour dried up. Perfect.
Crossing Pool was a delightful spot right next to a river. If it had been more than the 16 degrees a swim would have been in order. An early night was called to try to catch up from our missed slumber the night before.
7:24pm saw us in bed.