Beautiful Sharks - Something for Kate

"It never rains in Exmouth" - Ringo
"Exmouth's annual rainfall is 210mm"- Ringo
"There is sun for 300 days a year"- Ringo

Well it did rain in Exmouth and it was a bit windy. Not things we let stop us from heading to the reef in search of whale sharks.
We did an initial snorkel on the inner reef. This allowed the crew to see who was deemed competent to snorkel with the whale sharks and who may need to stay on the boat. Luckily for us we were deemed competent.
By this time our plane was in the air and the pilot was in search of whale sharks. After a few false starts the call "spotter ready" was made and into the water our spotter, the lovely Ronny, dived. Once a visual is made with the shark we all jumped in. We had an awesome swim with this first shark, a male approximately 5m long.
After some more searching we got to swim with a 2.5m friendly and inquisitive male. We had been advised the we needed to remain at least 3m from the sharks at all times. This shark had other ideas, chasing people and wanting to be right in the middle of everyone. Apparently the juvenile males behave like this - similar to humans really.
As everyone got to have a great look at this whale and half the boat were vomiting it was decided to head back to the inner reef for lunch and another snorkel.
We had a lovely snorkel seeing reef sharks, turtles, lion fish, anemone fish, rays, cat fish and various species of parrot fish. Jaks was just about to hop back on the boat when a tiger shark was spotted. This shark didn't want anything to do with us and despite our best efforts to take a closer look it swam away faster than we could keep up.
Upon returning to Exmouth it was still raining.
We had a top meal at Gracie's Tavern. Awesome service and extremely friendly staff.
Thanks to Ringo and Ronny for everything!