Shake, Rattle and Roll- Bill Haley and the Comets

Strong coffee and fancy tea for breakfast this morning gave us a kick start and we were ready to roll. With the tyre pressures down we hit the dunes to head from Coral Bay to Exmouth via Ningaloo Station and the Cape Range NP. The road was in worse condition than we had expected with lots of corrugations and was pretty slow going.
With the sugar levels dropping and fear of the cars rattling apart we stopped for lunch next to the ocean. The reef in most places along the coast is a few km off shore so we planned to reserve our swimming for later in the day.
We reached Yardie Creek at about 3pm. When we were here in 2005 you had to drive through the creek to continue northward. This time the creek had dried up and after a section through what would have been the creek bed and is now sandy we hit the bitumen.
We were all underprepared for the class 2 walk to the gorge lookout. After this quick stroll we all followed Ringo's lead jumping into the creek and washing away all our tiredness and dustiness.
Jaks then ran into an old school friend, only need one degree of separation if you are Tasmanian!
A quiet night tonight with an early start tomorrow (pick up at 7.25am) for the trip to the reef. Fingers crossed for some whale shark action tomorrow.