Happy Birthday to You - Patty & Mildred Hill

Wednesday was a big day of driving - Karumba to Innot Hot Springs - 650ish km all on the black top. Obviously a long and fairly boring day. Of mention was the Croydon Pub, lots of roadworks, charity cyclists at Georgetown, the under car car wash and Bryce getting to drive Viagra (for about 50 metres).
We arrived at Innot in time for a swim. There were a number of pools at various temperatures, ranging from 25 - 40 degrees. Quite relaxing after a long day in the car. This was also night of fairly heavy rain. We managed to stay dry but packing up wet is never fun.
Thursday morning saw a change of crew with Susan arriving in Cairns. A trip to Dangerous Dans, TJM and ARB and we made our way up the coast to Port Douglas.
As always it is great to be here. The afternoon was spent at the combined club watching the boats come in, before heading to Port O Call for a cheap and cheerful meal. We then retired to the tent at Glengarry.
Yesterday was Bryce's birthday. A fairly relaxing day. Jaks had a visit to the doctor in the morning which resulted in a minor surgical procedure to remove a lump on her shoulder. No swimming for the next 2 weeks!
We rendezvoused at the Central Hotel for dinner. Brenton and the boys arrived after a massive few days of driving. Crock and Bryce partied into the night, moving the the Courthouse where a band was playing.
Today we spent the day tidying up and helping Brenton do some work on his car.
Tomorrow we are heading to the reef with Brenton and the boys - hopefully the best day ever!