The Long Run-The Eagles

I was wandering around the IGA while Jaks was doing grown-up stuff. After finding some milk and not finding a spray bottle it was time to go. Earlier this morning we had been llistening to disputes in the caravan park between the park managers and cubs as we packed up. You can dress them up but you can't take them out. (Thanks Jill).
Our plan was to head out East towards Gascoyne Junction.
This town was destroyed by the floods in December 2010, and is slowly rebuilding. Sadly the pub got washed away so Jaks could not add to her stubby cooler collection. Being a Saturday everything was shut so we hitched up our shorts and moved on.
The road from Gascyone Junction north was corrugated but by no means a shocker. We sat on 100km/h +. After arriving and setting up camp we spent the afternoon doing some of the walks in the park. We attempted a Grade 4 walk without 15 liters of water, in our pluggers, and without sensible hats. The 2 hour walk was completed in 15 minutes. There was evidence of water flowing through the gorges but no water for us to swim in.
There were seven groups camped in the park for the evening, 3 of us were from Tasmania. Peter and Jill were kind enough to share their campfire with us and we spent the evening chatting and sharing ideas about our favourite campsites and worst roads.
Our evening was interrupted by the arrival of two carloads of backpackers with limited camping etiquette. During the night they walked through our campsite on their way to the toilet speaking loudly.
Feeling like a pair of oldies we chastised them all night. They were not bad people just not accustomed to the ways of the bush.
We awoke this morning to the rumblings of the backpackers and packed up camp.
Our friends from NZ had a quiet word with the new arrivals about camp etiquette. We had a quick walk up into Honeycomb Gorge before hitting the farm tracks back to the coast to meet up with Ringo and Ronnie.
Unfortunately the road we had planned to take was closed, so we had to take a further 100km of dirt road to get back to the main drag. Luckily the roads were awesome and we cruised between 90 and 100km/h.
All the planning Ringo and Bryce had done payed off and we met up with R & R in Coral Bay.
Ronnie cooked a lovely curry for dinner and the boys are chilling in the hammocks and drinking port.
Tomorrow we plan to head north through the Cape Range NP, stopping for some snorkels along the way.
Tuesday we are booked to head out to snorkel with the whale sharks.