Highway to Hell - ACDC

After settling the tab and farewelling Lorella Springs it was a quick 30km jaunt to the main drag. The next 56km however seemed to take forever.
The long run into Borroloola resulted in Dazza's aerial preferring to stay in the NT. Borroloola seems to have improved greatly since our last visit. It was all happening at the local mini mart with ice, fuel, dim sims, bread and stubby holders being purchased. The smiley friendly Michelle was in town purchasing tires and Amy the local seemed very popular with everyone.
We stopped for lunch at Wheyland River and chatted to some crazy people riding push bikes from Cairns to Broome via the dirt.
Late afternoon we crossed into Queensland. This borer was slightly less complicated than the Namibia/Zambia crossing but the roads deteriorated just as rapidly. We were welcomed to Queensland and the Shire of Burke and notified that we were entering the "home of the morning glory". Can't wait until tomorrow morning, should be glorious!
We pressed on to Hells Gate Roadhouse much to our disappointment. Dazza was upset that there was no pay phone to speak to Susan, Crock was upset with being told he couldn't use the good BBQ's and we were upset that the roadhouse and friendliness of the staff has deteriorated significantly since our last visit in 2005. At least this time I didn't lock the keys in the car and we will be able to leave at first light in the morning. On a more positive note the Moroccan Lamb and Royal Cane Liquor bought the campers back to familiar territory.
There is a reason this place is called Hell's Gate not Heaven's gate.