Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins

A breakfast of eggs and bacon fueled us for the days activities and excitement.
Our first stop was at Limmen Creek and the corrugations in the area provided a great surface for rattle identification. With Dazza hanging out the window we were able to finally locate the culprit in the high lift jack. A few cable ties later and the rattle is finally gone.
Our next stop was for a morning swim at Butterfly Gorge. The walls surrounding the gorge are covered in butterflys, the common crow butterfly. You could describe the water as a bit fresh, but it did the job of washing away some of the dust from our dirty bodies.
A bit further along the road we came to the Southern Lost City. This is a series of eroded rock formations that has left hundreds of 20 metre high towers that look like a cross between the Bungle Bungles and Easter Island statues . The fun police were also here, notifying us that we were not walking in the correct direction of the signs! As it turned out there were 2 other couples that made this momentus mistake and they were duly reprimanded as well.
The final run into Lorella Springs has us entertained with signs of all that the station had to offer; icy cold beer, grassy campsites, nice meals, 4wd tracks, hot springs, fishing...
Lorella Springs is a place that I have wanted to visit for over 12 months and I was not disappointed. Rhett, Michelle and all the staff made us feel very welcome and we only wish our stay was longer.
The evening was spent at the bar and around the fire, chatting to fellow campers and sharing travel stories.
Tomorrow we have the day to explore the station.