Mermaids - Paul Weller

With mud map in hand and directions from Rhett we left the homestead and opened the "gate to adventure". Viagra was at point with Crock as chief navigator.
After negotiating a somewhat plugger unfriendly track we arrived at Wildfire Gorge. Those from the Southern half of the country had a swim in the slightly chilly pool. A further 200 metres up track we had another dip in the crystal clear Emerald Pool.
The Olympic diving trials were then held at Ink Pool with Crock mastering the water up the nose feet first entry. It was here that Walt and Jo joined us and we switched to the now famous channel 27.
A slightly wrong turn and a few kmilometres later we arrived at the Waterslide. The track in was definate plugger blowing territory and those of us with Tevas made the switch. Crock negotiated the track in his pluggers and sadly suffered a blow out. A bread tag later and the pluggers are as good as new (well nearly). The Waterslide provided us with great entertainment, although some new bathers may need to be purchased.
After some twitching at Flying Fox Swamp we traversed the track into Nudie Springs. Along the way we were entertained by the mermaid joke. Despite the radio crowd being a tough audience for a sit down comedian, Crock was rewarded with feedback from numerous other cars who had been listening on channel 27 during the day. They wanted to know when his next performance would be.
Nudie Springs come out of the ground at 50 degrees and cool to a pleasant 34 degrees at the swimming area. This was a popular spot for an afternoon swim with lots of people choosing to enjoy the warm, relaxing pool. Despite the name on this occasion most people chose to wear their bathing costumes and there were no white whales to be seen. They must be extinct in the golf country.
Dazza was on cooking duties and skippy stead and snags were on the menu. An early night for most of us as a big day tomorrow out to Borroloola and beyond.