All Fired Up - Pat Benatar

We of the Never Never had a very pleasant dip in the hot springs at Mataranka this morning. Much to the envy of others, Croc had a visit from Mrs Dilmah and was able to enjoy his tea whilst bathing.
A visit to the Mataranka general store resulted in double pluggers and stubby holders all round. Leaving town a quick left turn saw us heading onto new roads and out to Roper Bar. The road was much better than expected although busier than we thought it would be. As we hit the gravel we aired down the tires and stiffened up the Viagra's suspension by one notch.
We stopped to cool the feet and for a bite to eat at Roper Bar (that is the barrage not the pub). Pity we didn't have the luxury super yacht to take for a spin up the river.
Venturing further south we followed good roads alongs the banks of the Roper River. We were agast at the number of nomads scattered at various campsites. We stopped at Lomarieum Lagoon in search of a campsite for the night. We met some nice CUBS from Geraldton who were camping there for four days. Sadly for them they were not having much luck with the fishing or shooting. I think they were doing their bit for the cane toad busters with a 22 though.
We ended up pulling up stamps at the Townes River camp. Our campsite is a little bit of gold and we are enjoying an Ord River Rum next to the campfire listening to Pat Benatar.