Heavy Fuel- Dire Straits

Today was a bit of a long haul. We had thought of stopping between Kununnurra and Katherine but in the end nothing really appealed. The road winds through some nice escarpments as you leave WA but then becomes quite flat.
So we thought we would post some statistics of our trip so far. Some are big, none are scary, and some we don't believe either.

Total distance to Katherine: 11,994 km.
Total fuel used: 1816.17 liters
Average litres per 100 km: 14.72
Average cost of fuel (premium 95/98): $1.74
Average distance per tank: 1222.9 km
Average distance per day: 247km
Cost of fuel so far: $3171.94
Most expensive fuel so far $2.03 per litre (Nullabor)
Cheapest fuel : $1.47 per litre (Perth$)

Prados seen so far: gazillions, by far the most seen vehicle out and about
Most popular caravan towing vehicle: 200 series land cruiser
Most popular caravan: Jayco Sterling
Most horrible water: Geraldton, truly disgusting
Destroyed pluggers: none, yet. One is showing signs of going. Backups have been acquired.
Hottest day temp: 33 deg. Mt Hart Station
Jaks favourite spot so far: Lake Jasper.
Bryce's favourite spot so far: Gibb River Road. Dusty, corrugated, tyre wrecking, windscreen chipping, hot and expensive but still so worth it.