Elephant Stone - The Stone Roses

We arrived at the Pentecost River not long after leaving Home Valley Station. It was only 15km to what would be the biggest water crossing of the GRR. This iconic section of the road is, rumor has it, home to crocodiles. As we joined the line waiting to cross we noticed a red Hilux with its bonnet up off to the side. Curiosity got the better of me and I wandered over to see what had gone wrong. The magic smoke had been let out of the wiring when the owner tried to start the truck. After a bit of thinking and mucking around it was discovered that the main earth lead had broken inside its insulation so the starter motor found an earth through the voltage regulator wiring. Fascinating stuff!
A quick replacement with a new lug saw him on his way.
As we watched various 4x4s, vans and trucks come across the river a bike pulled up on the far bank. It is around 100 meters across the river but it's not very deep. Everyone watched in anticipation as he set off. The rider made it across with no problem which was a great effort. A quick look at the bike identified it as as a Cagiva Elefant. Not many of them about! Duncan, the rider is on a quick tour of Oz and had covered a lot miles to be here. You can read more about Duncan's bike and travels here: http://www.jum80.com/about
We crossed soon after with no problem and looked forward to Emma Gorge.
There are a lot of sealed sections along this bit and a new range of cars started appearing.
Emma Gorge looked nice, but as you have to pay a fee (not cheap) to park and visit we grabbed a stubbie holder and resumed heading to Kununurra.
Just when we thought we were going to make it with no real damage, the inevitable happened. Many of the camper-trailer drivers have no idea of the carnage they cause as they speed along. Most of the ones we encountered slowed down when approaching another car but some did not. Rocks come off their tyres hit the trailer and bounce forwards. We saw the rock coming that hit the windscreen. It has put a sizeable chip in it.
All caused by idiots with no idea what they are doing.
The rest of the run into town was nice smooth bitumen. When went straight to a Novus rep to see about the windscreen. He could fix it on the spot but after looking said it wasn't worth doing and would not crack. Let's hope he's right!
The tyre was next and we dropped that off to be repaired. When we picked it up we got the news that one of the bands has let go inside it. Two new tyres for us in Darwin. At least we will be doing the Cape with new boots.
A bit of shopping in the town centre resulted in some new surfie joes for when my favorites die, beer, lighter fluid, and some pink diamonds for Jaks.
A couple of hours spent cleaning the car has returned it to white and after a night at the Big4 bat park (Hayman people will know that smell) we will head east and into a new Territory.