Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine

Elizabeth Station gets relatively cold at night, and with a clear sky we awoke with condensation on the tent. So after giving it some time to dry we packed up and hit the 30km of dirt back to the main road again.
There are not many gorges and attractions along this section of the GRR so we just cruised along, taking in the scenery and the dust. The inside and outside of Hillary are becoming more and more red, now come to mention it, we are becoming more and more red too.
Of interest today we passed a 2WD wicked camper, 2 Triumph Tigers who had lost a friend, 2 Germans in a x-trail with a flat tire asking where the nearest service station was and approximately 6 cattle. Some sections of the road are terrific, smooth gravel and no corrugations. Others are not so good. Hillary has developed a new rattle that is proving very difficult to locate. Still working on that one.
The final section of road down into Home Valley Station has spectacular views over the Cockburn Range. Photos do not do this place justice. It is truly spectacular.
As we approached the entrance to Home Valley, we saw a lady waiting at the gate. After initially thinking she was waiting for us to go through and then shut it, we were amused when she started screaming at us to stop. Thinking there was a problem we were alarmed when she yelled at us to close the gate in a very angry voice. After wishing her a very good day she drove off in a huff. We can only assume she had been stuck there for a while as there was quite a lot of traffic.
Home Valley is the most developed of the stations along the GRR. There is accommodation, pool, restaurant and bar. It's a great place to stop for the night and the campground is quite full.
We pitched up camp at the station and spent the afternoon swimming in the refreshing pool and reading our books.
Golden hour turned the Cockburn Range various shades of red and purple, and despite our best efforts it was impossible to capture this in a photo. This land is big.
We treated ourselves to a meal in the Dusty Bar - steak and kangaroo with an Ord River Rum.
We only have 60km of the GRR remaining to tackle tomorrow before hitting the black stuff and making our way into Kununurra, home of Ord River Rum and pink diamonds.