Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

4:55am seemed to be a good time to start packing up your camper, or so thought one of our camp mates. His friend later apologised to the camp after telling his mate to bugger off. I t turns he was only traveling just down the road to Silent Grove. At least he would have got there for breakfast!
The rest of the normal folks got going around 7:00am. The sun is up by then and it starts to warm up. This morning however we were greeted by cloudy skies and the smell of rain. After a quick check in on VKS and a chat to George the forecast was in our favour. We hit the road and travelled through to Mt Barnett roadhouse and Manning Gorge. The gorge is a great spot for swim. The water is clear and quite cold. There is something wrong about about swimming up rivers in the Kimberly though...
The GRR (remember?) has been great up to now. Very smooth and hardly corrugated. Around Mt Barnett though the surface changed and got quite rocky. Sure enough about 2km from the end we had a flat on the left front. Since we had no phone service to call RACWA we had to change it ourselves. Several people stopped or slowed down to check if we were ok which was very nice.
Soon after we turned north to Mt Elizabeth Station. This was the most corrugated road we have been on so far. The station has nice camping out the back and here we sit watching our fellow campers set up their various campers and tents. Always entertaining.