Wherever I May Roam - Metallica

Our triumphant return to Windjana Gorge was rewarded with slightly more water and a lot less heat and dust. Even the freshies seemed a lot happier. We spent the afternoon wandering around the gorge enjoying the views and hugging a boab tree (at Rene's request).
We returned to find the campsite quite overcrowded (approx 40-50 vehicles in our bit and a similar amount in the generator section) and we now had new neighbours that were camped closer than comfort would deem acceptable.
An early night (7:02pm) and early rise (6:50am).
We returned the 20km on a reasonably good road back to The Gibb River Road (herein known as the GRR). For part of our journey we were stuck behind a renta doing 50 that never checked their mirrors. We are travelling at around 80-90 km/h most of the time. With the tyre pressures around 30psi this makes for the best ride. After swallowing their dust for a while we gave up on overtaking them and stopped on the side of the road to allow them some time to get ahead.
We made a left hand turn and wound our way up into the King Leopold Range to Mt Hart Station. This station has been recently taken over by APT and they are still getting their feet on the ground so to speak. None of the facilities they advertised on the website were available. A bit of a shame but we would not have used most them anyway. The showers were hot and with plentiful water so we were happy. After watching a short, entertaining and slightly weird video on the history of this station we set up camp in the lovely and less crowded campground.
A few more punters rolled in during the afternoon. We headed off for a short drive to do a walk up to a swimming hole. The walk was ok but the swimming made the trip very worthwhile.
A late night for us, good heavens it was nearly 8 o'clock!