Bow River- Barking Spiders

Apparently the Sandfire roadhouse has good stubby holders, a fact we found out after driving right past - oh well something exciting to look forward to next time on this otherwise boring road.
We arrived in Broome early afternoon with no real plan of where to stay. Most of the parks were full, but luckily for us the tent sites are less popular than the grey nomad occupied caravan sites. Being peak season the caravan parks seem to feel it is acceptable to charge whatever they want. One park offered to charge us $50 for the privilege of having our tent in their park. We declined and ended up choosing Palm Grove Park at Cable Beach as our home for the next 2 nights. The tent section of the park was a dusty patch down the back and despite this we settled into our spot and made friends with our fellow tenting neighbours.
Bryce was pleased with the arrival of an F800 BMW, satisfying a small amount of his bike missing emotions. Dennis is on his way back to Perth after riding from Cape to Cape on the dirt (Leeuwin to York). You can check out his adventures here:, you may need to copy and paste the link as the app I'm using wont let me make links. Turns out Dennis works with a mate of ours in Perth - one degree of separation!
Sammy J and Chris were in Broome on holidays so we spent the evenings with them, watching the sunsets, having the obligatory beer at Matsos, taking photos and catching up.
Yesterday we restocked and repacked in preparation for the Gibb River Road.
After a quick stop in Derby we are now camped up at Windjana Gorge. It is 12 degrees cooler here than the last time we were here, a very pleasant 30. We are currently watching people roll in in their various vehicles with various camping set ups. Quite an entertaining afternoon of people watching. The current attraction is a family of 3 who have just arrived in a Discovery (entertaining that they made it) and are arguing about where to put their tent.
When the sun deintensifies (I just made that word up) we are going to walk up into the Gorge. Will be interesting to see how much water is there compared to our last visit.