Another beautiful morning greeted us. We disassembled camp and headed out towards the main drag. The road had improved considerably by this stage so it was time to pump up the tyres. Jaks' favorite job!
There was a lot more traffic heading out to Steep Point, a sign of the long weekend to come.
We were planning to head north to to the Overlander Roadhouse and the turn east towards the Kennedy Range.
As we refueled we noticed another Prado that seemed to be draining its fuel tank. We wandered over for a chat and found they had put unleaded in their D4D diesel Prado. Uh-oh. After obtaining a bit more info it turns out that they had only put 50 litres in it and they had stopped it before it stopped them. Bryce removed the fuel filter while Stan the owner continued draining the tank. Once it was empty and the lines had been purged of unleaded and refilled with diesel the big moment came.
It fired quite happily and ran fine without blowing any smoke. A lucky escape! I can hear Dave shuddering from here!
We left them to fill up with diesel and continued up the highway.
We found the track we wanted, and we also found a No Through Road sign. The bridge had been washed away in previous floods. Bugger.
Plan B went into effect, this took us to Carnarvon for the night and out to the Kennedy by sealed roads tomorrow.
So here we are at the Big4. Surrounded by CUBS with all their new toys. We were here 6 years ago and it's still the same.
Tomorrow we will be glad to get out of town head bush again. After the Kennedy's we will peel back towards the coast and the expense of Coral Bay and the coastal track up through Ningaloo towards Exmouth.
Well that's the plan....