Don't Pay the Ferryman

Gypsum is very salty. We found this out as we were looking at the ruins of the old town at Innes. They used to mine the gypsum that was then made into plaster from the lakes in this area. Most older houses in Australia have some plaster that came from here.
From the old town we headed out to the coast to have a squiz at the lighthouse. There are lots of wrecks along the coast here and from high on the cliffs the waves can be seen breaking over the rocks that catch out the unwary.
Jaks drove up the long stretches of Bon Jovi highway to takes us back through Marion Bay, Warooka and Maitland. From there we turned north aiming for Kadina.
We restocked with food and petrol at the Woolies, did a small running repair to Hillary and drove the short distance to the ferry. The ferry was a lot bigger and nicer than we expected. Nice comfy seats for the 2 hour crossing.
The trip across the Spencer Gulf of 32 nautical miles was dead flat and we were only out of sight of land for a few minutes until the shores of the Eyre Peninsula came into view.
A short 50 km drive brought us to the town of Arno Bay. It's seems to be a fishing sort of place, with a few nomads camped up in flash caravans towed by beemers. X5s not GSAs.
The park is quite nice with very friendly staff who remarked when I told them that we were away for 6 months, "Oh you're one of those", in a friendly snarky way.
Tonight was $12.00 schnitzels at the pub. As its only 50 meters from the park we headed over. Again very helpful and friendly staff greeted us. After ordering, our meals were literally at the table before we sat down!
Now we are back at camp and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we venture further south towards Port Lincoln and the big fish with big teeth! There are 2 national parks to check out and we are planning to camp at either Lincoln NP or Coffin Bay NP. We will see which one we like the best!