Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

After a fitful nights sleep listening to the doof coming from the pub down the road we were not early away. A long drive through the Mallee region saw us eventually hit the coast at Goolwa. We were here with Marty and Vikki last year. We travelled further down the coast towards Cape Jervis and some worsening weather. A quick stop at Deep Creek park to chat to the ranger put paid to camping out in the scrub. We eventually found a nice spot at Rapid Bay. It's named after a ship.
It was blowing and raining quite hard so after putting up the tent we headed off to Cape Jervis to see the most expensive ferry around. We had planned to go to Kangaroo Island but it is over $400 just to get there! A 45 minute ferry ride! No thanks.
So now we are in our tent and it's raining softly outside. Nice and snug in here and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else.