The Rainbow Connection.

First task for the day (after breakfast) was to find a geocache. With GPS in hand we headed to Horseshoe Bend lookout and after approximately 0.5 seconds of searching we were able to locate the cache. We signed the log, had a look at all the bits and pieces in the bucket and returned to camp to pack up the tent and work out our route for the day.

We were fortunate to pass through a number of award winning tidy towns today - mostly from the early 1990's. Rainbow was our favourite and the locals were very friendly. Old shops that still had wooden floorboards worn down over the years were everywhere.
We stopped for lunch at a little roadside table in Lascelles for our usual road lunch, ham salad rolls. I found one of the best public loos here. It was in a tin shed at the back of an old tennis court. Very clean and tidy and a pleasant place to spend a penny.

Hillary had a drink in Ouyen before we headed west approximately 60km to Pink Lakes in the Murray Sunset National Park. There is only us and one other couple (he appears to have a fold-up hovercraft on the back of his ute) camped here tonight and as the sun sets, the lake is becoming more and more pink (something to do with salt and algae).
We are about to light the fire and cook some dinner. Funny how your body clock adjusts to camping time - early to bed, early to rise.
Tomorrow we head to Loxton to pick up some new rock sliders for Hillary.
Happy Friday everyone!!