The theme from Jaws

We were sitting on the beach having breakfast after a refreshing morning dip when we noticed several triangular fins moving back and forward along the beach where we had just been swimming. I guess that is how Shark Bay got its name.
As kickout time was 10am, we packed up the tent and headed to the Zutdorp Cliffs. These cliffs run down the coast towards Kalbarri and are around 80-100 meters high. Once again not a breath of wind and speccy views.
There is a memorial here to a prawn trawler that sank after crashing into the cliffs. 3 crewman died but the skipper stayed afloat on the brine tank and survived on the crews rations and water from the melting ice. 2 weeks later he managed to to carve a surf ski and paddle from the tank and was rowing into the bay when he was picked up.
The road back out from Steep Point seemed much further than on the way in. We passed 2 4WDs full of lads, beer, fishing gear a deep freeze and both towing large boats. From our observations I think their trip in would have taken a lot longer than our trip out.
It is a long weekend here in WA and the popular spots are filling up in preparation for the weekend. We managed to find a secluded camp at False Entrance. All thoughts of a swim were further abandoned after watching reasonably large sharks circling in the shallows. Instead we opted for a quick splash and decided to wet the lines.
Our small, cheap, pack up lines proved to be not up to the task and the fish were all safe in the ocean. No risk of reaching bag limits for us.
The weather has been kind to us and the forecast is looking good for the weekend. More sun filled, still, warm days.
Tomorrow we are aiming for the Kennedy Ranges inland from Carnarvon. The mountains there look very pretty and hopefully it's far away from the holidaying crowds.