Living on the Edge-Aerosmith

We had a grown up day yesterday, doing paperwork, jobs on the car, restocking the supplies and enjoying hanging with Stikki, Marty and their fur kid.
After a brief and encouraging chat over the phone with the ranger this morning, we decided to make the trek to the westernmost point of Australia - Steep Point.
It is a place we had always wanted to visit and what better time to visit that on Another Beautiful Lap. There is potential for the lap to visit the most Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern points of the Australian mainland.
It's was about 450km from Geraldton to Steep Point. Lots of long straights heavily patrolled by roaming police cars. The cruise control limited us to 109km/h so we were safe law abiding citizens. Doing 120 out here in the middle of nowhere would of course lead to death and destruction!
The road out to steep point is a relatively good dirt road until the last 40km or so. At this point the road narrows, the sand is softer, the corrugations are more frequent and you get to use the stubby stick. There were only 2 hills that were of any consequence and we climbed over both without the need for low range. We had been told horror stories about the road so we were expecting the worst. Fortunately the road wasn't as bad as we had anticipated and a few hours later we arrived at the ranger's station. From here it is a further 10km to the edge of Oz.
The point was very speccy with the rocky cliff tops, whales spouting, the sun setting and not a breath of wind (something unusual for this part of the coast).
We had the obligatory photos, signed the visitors book and Bryce was given his remote Bundy (that's a story for another day).
There are several campsites along the beach but not as many as we had thought. We have to leave tomorrow because another group is coming in. It gets very popular here!
We returned to our camp which is right on the beach, had a swim, cooked some dinner and watched the moon and stars rise.
Tomorrow we are heading back down the road to False Entrance to camp for the night. This place was recommended to us by one of Stikki's fish cop mates. Might be able to catch some big (legal size and bag limit of course) ones.