Learn to Fly

Another beautiful and windy day in Geraldton, so we headed up the Ridge to watch Marty McFly soar with the McEagles.
It only takes 10 minutes to rig a hang glider and he was away. Like most sports it relies on the goodwill of others so after watching him grace the skies we took a 4WD track through some paddocks to pick him up at the bottom.
It was here that Bryce had his lesson. After zipping into the cocoon and discovering the hand gliders are in fact extremely heavy he achieved Wright Brothers status with his first flight (approximately 4 meters).
Unfortunately Marty had to work this afternoon although we were able to use his work facilities to wash all the mud off the cars.
We watched the sunset with a couple of cold beers at the HMAS Sydney Memorial.
We will depart for the north in the next couple of days. Still deciding about Steep Point. Anyone have thoughts?