I should be so lucky

After a morning of grown up stuff we left Geraldton in good spirits. New chairs were purchased, and lots of good info was gleaned from Brad at the four wheel drive shop. We were after info about tracks in the region and he told us about the Murchison 4x4 park. More on that later.
Marty finished work at lunch time and after a quick stop at the bottle shop for us and the petrol station for the cars,we headed north out of Dodge.
We arrived at Lucky Bay (just south of Kalbarri) via Port Gregory. There was a sandy run up the beach which we attempted before letting the tyres down. We found a spot inside some dunes and hit the water for a great swim just as the sun was setting. There was a strong wind warning posted but there wasn't a whisper at a our camp. The evening was spent having a nice swim, cold beers, chatting with great friends and trying our bums out on the new chairs.
We were awoken by the famous west coast wind which was slowly filling our tent with sand. We packed up and headed up the beach to sheltered waters for breakfast and a swim. Marty missed most of this, and due to his late rising it was almost lunch time before we got away. In his defence he was up at 4.00 am the morning before to get some stuff done so we could go away, so we will forgive him.
We had a run in with a Freddy (Toyota Kruger) on the way back up the beach which saw us stuck in soft sand. His front wheels were aimed at us as he powered up the beach. In a mild state of concern I backed off and we sank into the soft sand. Some digging, snatch strap work (thanks Mr Cruiser) and thinking of using the Maxtraxs saw us on our way again.
Our destination for the evening was a property east of Kalbarri that has a 4wd adventure park. Murchison Offroad Adventures here we come!