Life in a Northern Town

The last week was spent on the quest for new camp chairs. Jaks' has only lasted 6 years since we purchased in Katherine on our last lap. There are several on offer but the perfect one has not yet been found.
Now that we are in Geraldton we are running out of options.
The last couple of days have been spent catching up with the Unwins and PopPop and NanNan, replacing the rear brake pads and giving Hillary a scrub.
Driving north out of Perth we noticed that even more development had happened since we left. There is a nice new road from Lanceiln north to Jurien Bay. This road runs up the coast as compared to the old highway which was lots further inland.
We returned to some of the little towns we travelled through on the last lap. Places like Dongara, Port Denison, and Cervantes are still smallish and really nice.
We arrived in nice warm and not too windy Geraldton. We are hanging with Marty and Stikki for a few days.
The search for a chair continues tomorrow.