Honey and the Bee

Busselton - distant memories of skinny, fit, sweaty days. Next thought...

We had been looking for a metal thingy that we could use to hold a pen on the sun visor in the car. You know the things. We had looked in newsagencies across Southern Australian in search of this illusive device. To our delight we found one in the local newsagency in Busselton. To our disgust we discovered the purchase price $18.55. So our search ended here and we decided getting a pen out of the glove box was not that hard after all.
We met up with our friends Simon and Sarah. They kindly offered for us to stay at their farm in Nannup. We had a quick ale in the local pub, purchased the obligatory stubby holder (11 colours to choose from) and headed for the farm.
We had a lovely dinner, catching up on the last 6 years and relaxing by the fire.
We spent the morning pottering around the farm. The highlight was inspecting the bee hives. Simon and Sarah sell their honey at the local markets. We helped label some honey, checking the labels were straight and facing the correct direction.
Lunchtime saw us on the highway to Mandurah and we arrived at Crocks just in time for happy hour.
We have just had a lovely dinner of roast duck and are quietly sipping on some red wines.