Feed the Trees

The bigger campsites in National Parks in WA have campsite "hosts". These are volunteers who stay at the campsites for 4 week periods to collect fees, do some basic maintenance and keep their eye on things. Our hosts at Stokes NP were Helen and Charlie. Helen was very friendly and enthusiastic about her job and provided us with reams of information.
We continued west heading into Fitzgerald National Park. The dirt roads were excellent (much better than some sealed roads in Tassie) and Bryce wished he was on his bike. We hit the coast at Bremer Bay where we had planned to camp for the night. The weather had different ideas with fairly constant heavy rain. The idea of setting up the tent in the rain and siting relaxing on the beach in the rain was not very appealing. So we pressed on to Albany. Albany was a place we had fond memories of, and despite the rain it was still an awesome place.
We popped into Albany 4x4 and purchased some new headlight covers, a magnetic stubby holder and the lads were very helpful with ideas about local campsites and 4WD tracks. Awesome service!
The rain continued during the night, although we awoke to blue sunny skies. After drying the tent and collecting provisions we headed further west through Denmark, Walpole and Pemberton. This road is surrounded by the Karri forest and is beautiful, lush and green.
We had planned to travel down Scott's Road, a 4WD track into D'Entecasteaux NP to Lake Jasper. This road was closed due to the bridge collapsing so we had to enter the NP from the north via the strangely named Pneumonia Road. The initial part of this road is shared with forestry, although we didn't see any log trucks. The track then narrows and on entering the park becomes sandy.
There are only 3 campsites at Lake Jasper and they a currently redeveloping the day use area. The lake is quite big and previously used for water skiing, which is now banned. Would be an awesome place to bring the super yacht for some high speed skiing.
We spent the afternoon walking around and in the lake, taking some snaps at "golden hour" and chatting to Mark the contractor who was doing all the redevelopment work. Mark gave us some great tips on others campsites and some words of wisdom about life.
We had planned to have a nice swim this morning, but once again the weather had different ideas.
Today we are heading north towards Mandurah where we will meet up with Crock tomorrow night.