Despite my best intentions, when we awoke a bit after midnight it was not me that had roused Jaks from her slumber. There were huge peals of thunder and white hot lightning flashes that had awoken us both. As with storms at home we thought that it would be over in a matter of minutes. Three hours later, after many flashes and repeated bangs (the weather that is) the thunder subsided marginally and we were able to get a touch more sleep.
The morning left no clue to the nights activities with blue skies and warm temperatures. We had a wander along the cliffs of the bay before heading into Cape Le Grande on our way to Esperance. Cape Le Grande is truly beautiful. Incredibly clear water merging with granite cliffs. Much like the Coles Bay region of home.
Esperance seems to have grown since we were last here. The CALM office was just as helpful, giving us info on Stokes' Inlet which was our next nights home.
Jaks won a great game of Amazing Race as we checked in at the National Park. We left the Winnebagos in our dust.
Tonight we have had a great dinner after an enthusiastic but fruitless fish chasing black brim.