Go West

Ceduna comes alive in the early hours of the morning with vans packing up ready for the big journey west.
Our journey began with some relative excitement. Overtaking two extra wide loads (haulpaks on the back of trucks). That was the excitement.
The road west is long, boring and straight. We decided to try and do as many kilometers as the daylight would allow. Driving at dusk and dawn is not recommended due to interactions between local wildlife and the bullbar.
We stopped for lunch just before the border in an effort to use up the remainder of our fruit and veggies. Quarantine got the rest of the lettuce and a tomato and were interested in the Hoegarden. He said something about a wheat product! He declined a cold one claiming that he was not allowed to drink on the job.
Welcome to WA.
Our game of spot keeps us entertained. Highly technical with the aim to spot the green kilometers remaining signs before the other person.
We proceeded to Cocklebiddy and with Hillary having travelled 767km we decided to call it a day with the sun beginning to set.
The traffic on the road consists mainly of trucks, big trucks, 4x4 towing caravans and a group of 8 NZ motorcyclists on Honda Goldwings. One has an Esky (or chilli bin as he would call it) strapped to the back.
The wildlife has consisted mainly of flat kangaroos, crows eating said flat kangaroos and 3 German backpackers in a Combi van.
At Balladonia we turned south on a 4wd track that we had come up 6 years ago. 178km later we arrived at Cape Arid National Park. The road was variable with rocky, sandy and muddy sections thrown into entertain us. The last 30km we thought would be the best and turned out to be the worst.
We were rewarded with a great campsite (brand new), amazing views and the smell of salty air.