Why does it always rain on me?

Just before the end of an episode of the Dollhouse, I felt a drip of water on my face. "Wow the condensation is pretty bad tonight" I thought. Jaks was asleep so I was reluctant to wake her. 10 seconds later the drop turned into full on rain!
We had thought about putting the fly on, but all afternoon and up until we went to bed 45 minutes ago it had been clear as a bell. I had spent a while stargazing just before bed and there was not a cloud to be seen.
Still it was pissing down now and we were lying in our sleeping bags getting wet! This being the bush we were somewhat scantily clad and running around in the rain in the altogether was enough to make us laugh and cry at the same time.
After getting the fly on in record time we assessed the damage. Not too bad considering.
It remained fine for the rest of night and it must have been a rogue cloud that dumped on us.
We left after a short walk up the hill to a lookout to search for a geocache. We found the remains of the magnet that used to secure it to one of the seats. Since that was all that remained of the cache we jumped in Hillary and took off. A short drive took us out to the coast and some speccy scenery. One brave soul was even surfing by himself.
Long straights and very few corners brought us to Elliston. A very nice coffee stop and back on the road. We considered stopping at Streaky Bay but there was a large lawn bowls competition going on so the park was very full. On the way out of town we came across a charity ride of Honda postie bikes riding from Perth to the east coast. Very keen.
On to Ceduna.
We came across the Colston Bakery roadside stall in the middle of nowhere. An honesty stall with some very nice rolls and different sorts of breads.
After several hours we rolled into Ceduna, the gateway to the Nullabor. It's actually quite a nice place and a lot bigger than we had thought.
There are lots of people here preparing to head off across to the west. We are definitely the youngest and the only ones in a tent!