Take It Easy

The friendly folk in Arno Bay were going to be hard to beat. We packed up the tent and headed south towards Port Lincoln.
There are lots of seaside fishing towns along the coast each with their own caravan park, corner store and pub (all the essentials really).
We armed ourselves with brochures from the Port Lincoln Tourist Information Centre and made our way around the tourist drive to the main fishing port. Port Lincoln is the "fishing capital of Australia". The total catch of the region is around 70% of the haul the luxury super yacht brings in at Orford.
Our lunch stop was in the Lincoln National Park at Cape Donnington. We ate our rolls whilst watching a couple of young chaps fishing - they weren't having much luck. This coastline looks a lot like the Bay of Fires at home. Same rock with the pretty orange lichen growing on it.
There are a couple of nice camp spots out here, but we were headed to Coffin Bay.
The road into the park is brand new and very smooth. We had a look at one campsite which was on a bit of an angle. We moved to a much nicer area a bit closer to the water. We did have a drive over a hill to check out another spot but the tide had come in and since it was salt water Hillary was not going to get moist! Many of these tracks are only accessible at low tide so we opted for the camp that didn't involve Hillary being covered in salt water!
So far no Mosquitos, the fire is going and the beers are cold. Happy times!
A nice easy day cruising down and up the Eyre Peninsula.