All The Way Home - Bruce Springsteen

After a crazy few days back in Melbourne we are back home!  Bryce flew home on Tuesday and Hillary and I came on the boat on Thursday night.

The chaps on the boat were kind enough to squeeze Hillary up the front so she would be one of the first cars off in the morning.

Hillary on Boat.JPG

Here are some facts and figures from the trip:

Stubby holders acquired: 71

Total number of km: 36 481 km

Total fuel bill: $9330.82

Average fuel usage: 14.95 L/100km

We have returned home to some beautiful Tasmanian summer weather (no sarcasm).  It has been great to catch up with family and friends.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

So now begins the next adventure of our lives... a baby.  Due in June 2013.