Clocks - Coldplay

Arriving into Sydney on Wednesday afternoon we made our way straight to the Smith's house in an attempt to avoid any kind of peak hour traffic.  Despite this we were still confronted by the enormity of this city and the number of people that choose to reside here.

Lou and Mitch live in a lovely, quiet area of Terrey Hills and so we were able to easily pretend we were not in the big smoke.

The decor at the Smith residence was familiar, beautiful and of course gave me a good old giggle.  


Bryce was thrilled Rohan's favourite movie was Cars so they spent the afternoon bonding watching the DVD.

Mitch arrived home from work and got straight to work in the kitchen whipping up a delightful Greek Lamb and Watermelon Salad.  Yummo.

On Thursday we decided to be brave and venture into the city.  Despite some awesome service, no purchases were made as sadly prices were not at all competitive with the internet and USPS.

Lou was kind enough to roast a leg of lamb for dinner.  The lamb and roast veggies made us miss an oven!  Yummo.

Jaks, Lou, Anna & Rohan

Jaks, Lou, Anna & Rohan

Thanks for everything  - and especially for not stashing the clock in Hillary somewhere when we left!