Deeper Water - Paul Kelly

Hanging out with the hippies (their words not mine) at the 1770 markets did not prove successful in finding Bryce the secondhand book he has been looking for.  The search will continue for Alaska by James Michener.

With the local triathlon coming to a conclusion in Agnes Waters, the town was full of fit, tired people and a few cars with expensive bikes on their roofs.

After a quick stop at the visitor information centre, we let the tyres down and made our way into Deepwater NP.

The track was soft sand with a fairly hard base so no worries about getting stuck.  The wind had picked up so swimming didn't seem all that appealing.  We stopped at Flat Rock, Middle Rock and Wreck Rock.  The camping areas looked great, but the sandfly populations did not look appealing.

Flat Rock

Flat Rock

Pressing on further south we passed through a number of small towns before deciding with only 30km to go we would press onto Bundy.

Apparently there is a distillery there that is worth visiting.