Surfin' Safari - The Beach Boys

With school holidays coming to an end, there was furious packing up being done in the caravan park.  By 9.00am we were basically the only people left.

Hillary appeared to have suffered an injury (splinter in her boot) along the backroads yesterday.  A slow leak resulted in a flat tyre by morning time.  Swapping it for a spare, we decided to wait until Bundy to get it repaired.


After so long not being able to swim in the ocean it was nice to finally be at a beach where we could swim without being eaten by a crocodile or stung by a jellyfish.  So a swim was on the agenda.  The water was nice and warm and we really only got out so we could go and have some lunch.

By early afternoon I was totally engrossed in my book and Bryce was playing with technology.   That was basically how the majority of the day was spent.

Tomorrow we plan to head down the coast towards Bundy to see Poss and family.