Hollerback Girl - Gwen Stefani

Leaving the gorge behind us we reconnected with the electronic world and stopped in Rolleston to resume our grown-up duties. The wind was causing some dramas in Hobart and Jaks was on the phone sorting it all out.

After a few calls of the business type we headed off again. The roads out here are usually straight and usually being worked on. Large stretches are being dug up, moved slightly and resealed. We have not yet found any of the resealed bits. 

Entering the shire of Banana was cause for a laugh. Finding a song with the word Banana in it proved difficult but we found one! Even managed to spell it.

Biloela was going to be our overnight stop but it too has become a fluro-town. More bright orange, green and yellow than a citrus growers convention. A caravan park full of dongas persuaded us to move on the extra 100km to Cania Gorge.

As I was on the phone to book a site the lady asked me to hold on while she answered the other phone. We found out later that the other caller was Jodie! She heard the office lady talking to me!

The park at Cania Gorge was not as busy as expected and we were set up between two vacant sites before too long.

Cania Gorge.

Cania Gorge.

Simon, Jodie and Ollie rolled in about an hour after us.

We caught up with them, had chat with Andy on the phone and headed off to bed.